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Use Them or Lose Your Insurance Benefits!

Use Your Dental Insurance Benefits Before they Expire By The end of 2020

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Use Your Dental Insurance Benefits Before they Expire By The end of 2020

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Having dental insurance is one thing; using it is another matter. A report by the National Association of Dental Plans shows that only 2 – 6% of Americans with dental benefits reach or exceed their plans annual maximum. That means over 90 percent of PPO dental plans are unused every year. 


If you never use or exhaust your dental insurance benefits, you should reconsider your position. Not only are you missing out on quality dental care that will keep your dentition healthy, but you’re also leaving money on the table. 


Most employers pay a “fixed” premium to insurance companies to provide dental insurance to employees. Even if you don’t use your dental insurance benefits, your company will pay a premium to your insurance company every year. 


Clearly, the practical choice is to use your dental insurance benefits. You don’t need a dental emergency to visit a dentist. Teeth whitening, teeth cleaning, and general check-ups are some of the dental care services you can receive regularly. These visits have great preventive benefits that protect you from painful and expensive dental procedures like gum disease treatment and cavity restoration

 A patient recieving affordable dental care at Nexus Dental Associates in Indian Trail.


How does dental insurance work?


Every insurer has a unique dental insurance plan. However, most dental insurance plans have similar features, especially: an expiry date and dollar value. 


Expiry date 

Unlike your mobile data plan, dental insurance benefits don’t roll over even when the plan is renewed on time. They expire at the end of a determined period. With a few exceptions, dental insurance benefits expire at the end of the year. Insurance plans that don’t use the January – December calendar are likely to run from August 1 through July 31. You can get this information from your dental insurance provider.



Dental insurance benefits renew at the beginning of the plan’s calendar year.


As stated earlier, dental insurance benefits are valid for 12 months. At the end of the 12 months, the benefits renew. If you haven’t used your dental benefits for 2020, you should do so before the year ends. 


Since the new year is a few months away, you can max out your benefits, and they will renew on January 1. This is an opportunity to pay for pricey dental procedures without worrying about coverage for the rest of the year. If you live in Indian trail, Monroe, or Sun Valley, visit Nexus Dental Associates to get affordable dental care.



Like any insurance, dental insurance has a maximum payout limit. That is called the value of a dental insurance plan. Some dental insurance plans can only cover preventive dental treatments. Such insurance plans are worth around $500 – 1500. 


You cannot pay for major dental surgery with this type of dental insurance plan. In cases where the cost of dental care exceeds the benefits limit, the patient has to pay the outstanding balance.


Benefits of Dental Care


Dental care includes oral hygiene and dental surgery. In the absence of congenital disabilities, good oral hygiene might be all you need to maintain your dentition. 


Always keep in mind that preventative care is less painful and expensive than emergency care. That said, the benefits of dental care include;


  • Lower the likelihood of tooth decay
  • Reduce tooth hypersensitivity
  • Reduce the possibility of having cavities
  • Reduced case of root canal disease and dental surgery
  • Healthy gum
  • Fresh breath


At Nexus dental associates in Indian trail, you can use your dental insurance benefits to keep your dentition healthy



A healthy dentition and smile are great assets, and for that reason, you should take oral care seriously. Don’t wait until you need an emergency dental appointment to take care of your teeth. Visiting your family dentist regularly will foster good oral hygiene will help you maintain a healthy dentition, which improves your overall health.  


If you haven’t used your dental benefits for 2020 or would like to see an affordable dentist in Indian trail, book an appointment with our dentist today. 


At Nexus Dental Associates, we offer a range of dental care services at an affordable rate. Our service is customer-focused. We attend to emergency and standard dental appointments. 


Remember, a health dentition is a product of quality, consistent dental care. Happy Holidays.

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