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Use Your Dental Benefits Before They Expire at the End of 2021

The season of jingle bells, melodious Christmas songs, and glad tidings are finally here, and millions of people worldwide are filled with happiness and high in spirit for the Christmas season. But even as we celebrate, there are still some final activities that should be done, like wrapping up the year with your dentist, to make complete use of your dental benefits entirely before they expire for the year.

What Happens to Unused Dental Benefits?

If you have dental insurance, it’s crucial to know that the attached benefits are unrecoverable once they expire.

When it comes to dental benefit plans, many people (especially employees who get the benefits through their employers) do not maximize the plans fully. According to the National Association of Dental Plans, 2.8% of individuals with PPO (Preferred Provider Organisation) dental plans made maximum use of their benefits. So what then happens to the unused dental benefits?

The benefit deadline of most insurance companies is the 31st of December of each year, meaning all unused benefits end on that day and will not roll over to the following year. 

4 Reasons to Use Your Dental Benefits Before They Expire

You’re Paying for Them

Dental benefits are the coverages you get from the payment made to your dental insurance company regarding your oral health. Since you’re letting go of your hard-earned dollars to secure excellent dental care, you must make the most use of the benefits attached to it. Why pay for a service and not use it?

Using every bit of whatever you’ve spent money on and enjoying it to the fullest before it expires is the best option. Otherwise, you will be on the losing end.

Yearly Maximum

Dental benefits providers have different plans depending on what you signed up for, and most dental plans have a “yearly maximum.” The yearly maximum is the aggregate amount of money an insurance company will pay for a member’s dental care within 12 months.

The yearly maximum covers a particular percentage of each dental service received, depending on the agreement. For example, suppose your dentist says you need a cavity filling in January and a root canal in March. In that case, your plan may cover just 80% of procedures for cavity fillings alone and probably 50% for the root canal alone. Imagine having this kind of benefit and losing all due to expiration. Unused benefits will not roll over, so it’s advisable to make good use of the yearly maximum.

New Year, New Deductible

A dental deductible is an amount paid to your dental insurance company for health care before other dental coverages are paid. Like the yearly maximum, dental deductibles differ from one plan to another and last for a calendar year. Depending on the selected health plan, the deductible could be charged on an individual dental or family dental basis.

When your dentist tells you about an oral health treatment you need to undergo, the first payment made is from your pocket, the deductible, before your insurance company finalizes the payment based on your agreement. There will be some out-of-pocket expenses, which is why you should use your dental benefits to the fullest in order to reduce the cost of treatments.

Waiting Can Be Dangerous

A famous saying goes thus, “prevention is better than cure.” It is hazardous for your overall health to assume you’re in good and sound health without constant checkups. Benefit plans are offered to provide preventive care for individuals and families, and making use of them ensures that you’re up-to-date on the status of your oral health.

It’s not until you have a pain in your tooth or gum that you remember your dental benefits. Waiting can lead to a full-blown health problem that can affect not only your oral health but your total well-being. Avoid the waiting period by visiting your dentist to maximize your dental benefits fully.  

Book An Appointment With Nexus Dental Today

Even as the year folds up, you can still use all of your dental benefits. Book an appointment with Nexus Dental Associates today to enjoy exceptional dental insurance services. Let us put a smile on your face and get your teeth ready for the laughter, smile, and feast associated with this Christmas season. For more information on your dental benefits plan, kindly contact us, and we’ll help you optimize your plan in your best interest.

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