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Schedule Your First Dental Appointment During COVID-19

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Schedule Your First Dental Appointment During COVID-19

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How long has it been since you had your last dental check-up or treatment? It’s probably been more than three months or so since the government imposed the stay-at-home orders and stopped most businesses from operating at full capacity due to COVID-19

As you know, dental care is essential for your oral and overall health. Going back to the dentist now could be a mixture of emotions of anxiety and excitement. Worrying due to the lingering threat of the coronavirus and thrilled for the much-needed treatment.

But one thing is certain, your visit to the dentist is a whole lot different now. We believe it’s for the better. It can be a little limiting with plenty of precautions but is for the best of everyone’s welfare and safety.

Dental Practices Re-Opened in North Carolina

North Carolina is now in phase 2 of the state reopening with the stay-at-home orders being lifted and more businesses now allowed to operate at least 50% of capacity. A few dental practices classified as essential services re-opened during phase 1 and seem to have adjusted to the “new normal” in providing care for their patients.

What You Need to Know as You Return to Your Dentist

The resumption of in-office dental care comes with a lot of safety provisions. The American Dental Association (ADA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have released guidance for dental practices to follow and implement during this pandemic. 

Here are the most important changes you may have to follow:

1. A COVID-19 pre-screening may be conducted by the dental staff when you book your appointment. If you don’t have any symptoms or exposure to the coronavirus, you will be given an appointment schedule.

2. Try not to bring a companion to your appointment. Remember, physical distancing measures are still in place and the dental office is limiting people inside their premises. Companions and visitors will only be allowed entry if they’re necessary for your welfare.

3. PPE is required! You (and your companion) should wear a facemask. Dental staff should wear facemasks, too. When doing the procedure, your dentist and the assistant should be in full PPE gear.

4. As soon as you enter the office, you will be provided with an alcohol-based hand rub and your temperature may be checked to ensure you don’t have a fever. The pre-screening interview will be repeated during your in-office visit. Your companion may be screened, too.

5. After your procedure, you will be instructed to update your dentist if you have developed any COVID-19 symptoms within 14 days following the dental appointment.

6. You may see signs and posters inside the office reminding about hand and respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette, physical distancing and the likes.

7. Supplies such as alcohol, tissue and soap will be provided in certain areas of the office. 

8. Limit close contact and unnecessary conversation with staff and other people inside the office.

9. Hand hygiene should be observed at all times both by the dental care provider and the patient.

10. Dental tools and equipment should be cleaned and sterilized before, during and after use.

Getting Your First Dental Check-Up and Treatment During COVID-19

You’re probably due by now for your regular check-up or are in need of a dental treatment. Don’t postpone it any further to avoid future problems and complications. We want to ease your anxiety about going to the dentist, so we have put in place safety procedures abiding by ADA, CDC and state board guidelines.

Nexus Dental in Indian Trail is now open to welcome you back for your regular check-up and well-deserved treatment. Here we have provided a few reminders for your next dental appointment. Expect the same outstanding dental care from everyone at Nexus Dental.

Book your appointment today! For inquiries and concerns, you can also call us at (704) 893-8126.

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