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In the last two decades, the Family Circle Magazine named Indian Trail one of the most family-friendly towns in America. This is a recognition of the giant strides the small suburban town has taken since its inauguration in 1907. 

Many factors contribute to Indian Trail’s family-friendly status; affordable real estate, effective healthcare system, entertainment centers, top-notch hospitality, friendly people, and great culture. 

To enjoy Indian Trail’s many amenities, you must know the names and addresses of the best facilities and service providers in town. 

With that in mind, we thought it appropriate to create a blog post on the top resources in Indian Trail. 

At Nexus Dental in Indian Trail, we wanted to share helpful information about the community to encourage active living, promote culture and economy. 

History of Indian Trail

Origin & Evolution

The history of Indian Trail trails (pun intended) back to the 1600s. Early records show that Indians occupied most of the area. At the time, Indian Trail was a trading route connecting the Waxhaw Indian settlement to Petersburg, Virginia.

The first European and English settlers moved into the area in 1705. A century and 54 years later, in 1861, the town was incorporated as Indian Trail, paying homage to its trading route history.

In 1874, Indian Trail the Seaboard Railroad was commissioned, bringing significant growth to the area. Approximately three decades later, in 1907, the city of Indian Trail was established, flagging off an era of rapid urbanization and economic growth

Today, Indian Trail is an urbanized, slow town with friendly people with conservative values. Here, the air is fresh, the people are friendly, the restaurants serve delicious meals, and highly-rated hospitals and dental practices keep you healthy.

3 Things to do in Indian Trail

Indian Trail has several attractions for a family, group, or individual, ranging from horseback riding to playing miniature golf or solving puzzles in escape rooms. There is plenty to do in Indian Trail; however, we will review only three activities in this section. For a longer list of things to do in Indian Trail, click this link

Trail’s Dynasty Miniature Golf & Creamery, Indian Trail, NC

#1 Trail’s Dynasty Miniature Golf & Creamery, Indian Trail, North Carolina

Trail’s Dynasty Miniature Golf & Creamery is an entertainment center with an 18-hole miniature golf course, a waterfall, water wheel, creamery, speakers, and lights for night games. This is a perfect place to hang out with family, compete and treat your tastebuds to delicious ice cream. 

From Monday to Thursday, the miniature golf course is open from 12 pm to 8 pm. While Friday – Saturday: 12pm-9pm, and Sunday: 12pm-8pm.

COVID notice: Trail’s Dynasty Miniature Golf & Creamery is an open-air facility. So there is enough space to play while maintaining social distance. However, the facility’s management implemented strict hygiene and social distancing protocols to reduce transmission risk. You can bring your equipment and putter if you don’t want to share the general equipment. 

Exterior of Kate's Skating Rink Indian Trail.

#2 Play at Kate’s Skating Rink Indian Trail, Indian Trail, North Carolina

Follow the fun trail to Kate’s Roller Skating Rink and explore your passion for roller skating. Kate’s Skating Rink is family owned and operated. The facility contains roller skating, game rooms, a full pro shop, a play area, a redemption center, and more. For unique fun, you should visit the rink on themed skating days. 

COVID update: Due to the COVID, you must wear a mask and maintain social distance within the facility. Only a limited number of people are allowed to be in a play area per session. Also, visitors that are visibly sick are asked to stay home and maintain social distance.

#3 Unwind at Trail Parks

Indian Trails has three large parks –  Crossing Paths, Crooked Creek, or Chestnut Square. Each of them has a slew of facilities and equipment for active fun, laid back relaxation, and games. 

Catering to fun-seekers of all ages and species, the Crooked Creek park has a playground for children with special needs, a dog park, a splash pad, and trails. You will find a soccer field at Chestnut Square Park, Pavilion, Picnic Shelters, Playground, Tennis Court, Volleyball, and more.

Similarly, Crossing paths park boasts of a playground, picnic area, walking track, and pavilion. 

COVID update: Due to the COVID, several facilities at the parks have been closed, such as the splash pad, fitness equipment, and tennis court. Most of these facilities allow close contact between people, which is unsafe at this time. 

Also, visitors must keep social distance when using the open grounds in any of the parks. 

Living in Indian Trail

Affordable, fun, and clean are some of the words that describe life in Indian Trail. If you’re planning to move to town, you should know about the cost of living and healthcare. 

Cost of Living in Indian Trail

According to payscale, the cost of living in Indian Trail is 4% lower than the national average. The cost of living is calculated based on the real estate market, career, and average salary in the area. 

Nexus Dental, a reliable dentist in Mathews.


Indian Trail has a robust healthcare system. Several quality healthcare providers offer “same-day” care for non-life-threatening problems. 

Also, there are specialist hospitals in and around the town. Nexus dental offers quality and affordable dental care to people in Indian Trail, Monroe, and Sun Valley. 


Indian Trail may be a suburban town, but it has enough space for the facilities you will need to live comfortably. The large parks, entertainment centers, restaurants, hospitals, and dental practices operate with a high standard. 

If you’re in town and would love to maintain your oral health, visit Nexus Dental for quality care. We provide cosmetic and general dentistry services – fillings, crowns, root canal treatment, teeth whitening, tooth extractions, dentures, and more.

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