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Repairing Dental Bridges: A Guide

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Repairing Dental Bridges: A Guide

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Dental bridges are often an integral part of making sure your smile looks and operates at its best. Unfortunately, dental bridges have the potential to fail after they have been placed. While it may not be terribly common, dental bridge damage does occur and necessitates a fixed appliance repair. 

Dental Bridge Damage: What Happened?

Dental bridges are designed to be extremely strong, as they must withstand all of the pressure associated with eating and drinking. Although some bridges will sustain chips or cracks, false teeth are designed to be extremely strong and withstand the same treatment received by natural teeth. 

Given their strength, what exactly is capable of damaging a dental bridge once it has been placed? 

Inadequate Oral Hygiene Practices

Failing to brush and floss daily can lead to dental bridge failure. Whether the failure is due to the bridge itself being damaged, or the abutment teeth showing signs of decay, failing to brush and floss your teeth can have a very serious effect on your dental bridge


Bridge discoloration can happen in one of a few ways. Some bridges are discolored at the time of application, and they do not match the coloring of healthy teeth. Others grow stained over time due to the consumption of staining food and drinks (berries, coffee, and tea) and a lack of oral hygiene. 

Surrounding Decay

Decay in the supporting teeth can cause issues with your bridge and necessitate dental bridge repair. This occurs because decay in the surrounding teeth can lead to instability with your dental bridge, eventually leading to cracking or other damage. Regular dental care from a dental office and superlative dental hygiene can help prevent decay in the abutment tooth or teeth. 

Bond Failure

Although it is not common, bridge bonding material can occasionally fail. If bonding fails, the bridge may become dislodged and can move around in the mouth or even fall out. If this is the case, an emergency visit to the dentist is usually necessary to preserve the bridge. 

The Process of Dental Bridge Repair

Repairing a dental bridge may or may not be an involved process, depending on the severity of the necessary repair. If a bridge has fallen out due to damaged bonding, for instance, repair may be as simple as reapplying the bonding material and reattaching the bridge. In any bridge repair appointment, the process will be similar: initial assessment and repair. 

Assessing the Issue

To determine what exactly is wrong with the bridge, your dental professional will first evaluate the false tooth and see what has caused the failure and what exactly needs to be repaired. The assessment will likely determine the type of dental repair that is necessary, and whether the bridge itself is the source of the failure or the issue has more to do with the surrounding teeth. 

Minor Versus Major Repairs

Minor repairs are those that can be completed in a single visit. Minor repairs include repairing the preparation to the surrounding teeth, reapplying failed bonding, or filling a damaged tooth. More extensive repairs are those that require a change to the bridge itself, including a new fabrication altogether or patching chips or cracks. 

Caring for Dental Bridges

Caring for dental bridges is vital. Treated carefully, dental bridges can last for decades. If they are not treated carefully, dental bridge failure occurs. A dental bridge can help restore effective chewing, which can have a positive domino effect on health and wellness. Dental bridges can also be used to repair the functionality of a smile, and improve confidence following tooth loss or extraction

Once a dental bridge has been repaired or replaced, it should be monitored closely and carefully evaluated. Regular dental care can also help determine the likelihood of a dental bridge failure, and catch issues before they occur. 

If you need a dental bridge repair in Indian Trail, NC, do not hesitate to reach out to our office today!

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