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Indian Trail Dentist Lists 6 Dental Emergencies You Should Never Ignore

6 dental emergencies you should never ignore.

When it comes to dental emergencies, you must give them immediate attention. Imagine you’re playing a friendly game of soccer: you happen to have the ball make contact with your face, damaging or even knocking out your teeth. It’s instances such as these that demand our emergency dental treatment in Indian Trail, NC to prevent further oral trauma.

To emphasize the importance of addressing dental emergencies as soon as possible, our emergency dentist in Indian Trail, Dr. Harish Patel, has listed the following six dental emergencies that you should never ignore. 

What are Dental Emergencies?

Dental emergencies are sudden and severe dental problems that require immediate attention. Dental emergencies should be taken seriously since they can snowball into even bigger issues. 

6 Types of Dental Emergencies You Shouldn’t Ignore

Dental emergencies come in different forms and can be caused by various factors. Here are six common types of dental emergencies that require immediate attention:

1. Painful Toothaches

Toothaches can occur for different reasons, and not all toothaches are emergencies. However, toothaches that come with sharp and severe pain or that cause swelling, fevers, and sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures typically require immediate dental care.

2. Knocked-out Teeth

If your tooth gets knocked out and you can’t go to a dentist immediately, keep it moist by storing it in milk, water, or saliva. If possible, though, you need to visit your dentist as soon as possible so they can put your tooth back in place and keep it stable.

3. Broken or Chipped Teeth

As is the case with teeth that get knocked out, a chipped or broken tooth requires immediate attention so that it doesn’t get worse. Until you can get to your dentist, immediately use warm water to rinse your mouth and lay your hands on gauze and ice to reduce bleeding.

4. Dental Abscess 

When bacteria invade the tooth pulp or sneak into the gap between your gum line and teeth, it can lead to a dental abscess. Pain, swelling, and fever are the first warning signs that you’re dealing with an abscess; you can stop it in its tracks by immediately contacting your emergency dentist. In the meantime, you can apply a cold compress to keep your pain and swelling in check. 

5. Lost Crown or Filling

A lost crown or filling can be considered a dental emergency if it reduces your tooth mobility or exposes your tooth’s pulp. It’s possible to lose a crown or filling if you bite down on something hard, which can directly damage your tooth. When it occurs, treat the issue immediately by scheduling an appointment with our emergency dentist in Indian Trail to restore your dental fillings and crowns

6. Severe Soft Tissue Injury

Severe soft tissue injuries occur when the soft tissues in your mouth (your tongue, cheeks, gums, and lips) sustain a significant level of trauma. These injuries primarily result in severe bleeding and swelling, necessitating same-day dental treatment. To keep the bleeding and swelling at bay, use a mild-salt solution to rinse your mouth, moistened gauze, and a cold compress.

What Should You Do After You Experience A Dental Emergency?

When experiencing a dental emergency, staying calm and taking the following proper steps are essential:

  • Avoid directly placing a painkiller on the affected area, as this can burn your gum tissue. 
  • Control your bleeding with firm pressure and a clean cloth.
  • Avoid aggravating the affected area by staying away from eating hard or sticky foods.
  • Always seek emergency dental care as soon as possible!

Remember that dental emergencies can happen at any time, so it’s essential to have a plan in mind. 

Same-day Dental Treatment From Your Emergency Dentist in Indian Trail, NC

Same-day dental treatment from your Emergency dentist in Indian Trail, NC

Whether you’re experiencing a tooth abscess, knocked-out teeth, or broken or chipped teeth, our emergency dental treatment in Indian Trail, NC at Nexus Dental Associates can resolve your emergency quickly and efficiently. 

We are committed to immediately correcting any form of dental emergencies and offer same-day treatment to bring back the smiles on your face. Give us a call today or schedule an immediate appointment with Dr. Harish if you’re experiencing any of the dental emergencies listed above!

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