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Floss for Tight Teeth: Fighting Plaque with Tight Teeth

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Having tightly packed teeth is not usually a cause for concern. Braces, pulled teeth, and spacers can all be used to remedy tight teeth. 

But what do you do if your tight teeth prevent effective flossing? 

Flossing and Tight Teeth

Flossing is one of the dental maintenance practices that is least followed. Whether flossing seems to take too much time or the practice is too uncomfortable is not clear, but there are those who avoid flossing due to tight teeth

And who can blame people with tight teeth who avoid flossing? When floss is forced between teeth that are close together, floss can shred or slip and slice through gums

Fortunately, there are tools that can help people with tight teeth floss every day, without pain, discomfort, or frustration

Why Is Flossing Important?

Flossing has enjoyed the spotlight in the news recently, with some people claiming that flossing is not necessary. The American Dental Association continues to recommend flossing to support your oral health. 

Flossing is important, because it removes plaque, debris, and food particles from the tight spaces between your teeth and gums more thoroughly and effectively than brushing alone. Flossing every day has been linked to a decrease in gum disease, dental caries, bad breath, and poor oral health. 

Is Flossing Necessary for Tight Teeth?

People with tight teeth may feel as though flossing is unnecessary. After all, if it is difficult to glide floss between your teeth, it stands to reason that food will not be able to get between teeth, either. 


Not exactly. Food, plaque, and debris are all smaller and more malleable than floss, and even those with tightly-packed teeth should floss their teeth at least once per day. Regular flossing decreases your chances of having developing gum disease and experiencing tooth decay. Dental practices worth their salt continue to recommend flossing as a regular dental hygiene practice. 

Finding the Right Tools for Your Smile

Finding the right tools for your smile need not break the bank or cause a lot of stress. Regular floss is fairly inexpensive, but specialty floss can be just as affordable. Whether you choose a package of flossers or a flossing device, there is likely to be an effective tooth cleaning option for you. 

Waterpiks and Air Flossers

Waterpiks and air flossers are often recommended by dentists for patients with tightly spaced teeth. Waterpiks and air flossers force a jet of water or air through a small nozzle, which can effectively remove plaque and debris from between the teeth. 

Plastic Flossers

Plastic flossers (also called floss picks) can help reach further into the mouth. Plastic flossers have a single, small strip of floss attached to a plastic handle. Small mouths and tightly-spaced teeth may benefit from the single-handed use of a plastic flosser. 

If environmental concerns have prevented you from using floss picks in the past, you have options! Several companies have developed biodegradable floss handles to avoid placing more plastic in landfills. 

High-Wax Floss

High-wax floss can help floss glide more easily between teeth, and prevent shredding. Some brands only offer high-wax floss, while others have specific dental floss designed to slip into extremely small spaces between teeth. 

Floss for Tight Teeth in Indian Trail, NC

If you have been struggling to floss your teeth due to tight spaces in your teeth, you do not have to sacrifice plaque removal for comfort. Using a waterpik, plastic flosser, or high-wax floss, you can safely and comfortably clean between your teeth. 
Nexus Dental in Indian Trail, NC has a team of dental professionals who can help you find the best flossing tool for your needs. Reach out to us today for more information!

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