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Common Dental Problems that Require an Emergency Treatment

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Common Dental Problems that Require an Emergency Treatment

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You may have experienced an excruciating toothache that even pain relievers couldn’t solve. The only thing left to do is drive to the dentist and have it treated. But if you don’t have an appointment. What are you going to do?

This situation is called a dental emergency, much like a trip to a hospital’s ER. You don’t have an appointment or it’s outside your dentist’s office hours, but you need to be treated immediately, what do you do?

Circumstances that Calls for a Dental Emergency

Unmanageable and unbearable pain situations in the teeth, mouth and jaws call for a dental emergency. Much more are life-threatening situations such as excessive gum bleeding, severe infections and accidents.

It can be as simple as a toothache or as complicated as an impacted wisdom tooth. Anything that calls for immediate attention and is a life-threatening situation is a candidate for a dental emergency.

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Let’s dig into the details of situations that require a dental emergency. We have listed the most common problems dentists and patients encounter.

5 Most Common Dental Problems for Immediate Attention

1. Toothache

The most common of all. Everyone has experienced a toothache and it’s awful. Pain level varies but as it goes longer, it becomes more unbearable, most especially when untreated.

Severe toothaches or chronic ones need immediate dental treatment. It’s when the pain feels like you’re almost dying and there’s nothing you can do to improve it. If the pain doesn’t end and is affecting your appetite and sleeping pattern, go to the dentist, ASAP!

Toothache is commonly caused by a hole in the tooth exposing the nerves, pus in roots, abscessed pulp (pulpitis), gingivitis and other loads of teeth problems. Your dentist can identify the root cause of your toothache and treat it immediately.

A toothache should not be disregarded, most especially if you see an abscess. An abscess tells you that there’s an infection and if left untreated can spread and be life-threatening. An infected tooth can lead to fever, tender lymph nodes in the neck, face swelling or a bump in the gum. Infection as you know it can travel to other parts of the body if not treated immediately. So, when you experience a severe toothache and have any of these symptoms, go to your dentist quickly.

2. Knocked off, Chipped or Cracked Tooth

These are commonly caused by dental trauma from an accident. It can be painful to have a chipped or cracked tooth that’s why you need to go to the dentist to remedy it. Or it can be a dislodged tooth that needs to be rectified by your dentist. When you find yourself in these situations, head to the dentist immediately.

3. Gum swelling

Infected roots and tissues in and around the gums are causing the swelling. It’s reddish in appearance and sometimes bleeds. An infection in the gum is a serious problem that needs antibiotic treatment. Your dentist can prescribe the best treatment and medication to heal your inflamed gums.

4. Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are normal and are a part of growing up. However, cases of an impacted wisdom tooth can be painful. Why is it painful? Because it pushes the other teeth out of their way or it gets stuck underneath the gums.

Treatment for wisdom tooth pain depends on the condition. Oftentimes, it may need removal to prevent further dental issues.

5. A Broken Dental Filling

If a dental filling or a sealant is suddenly dislodged, it can cause tremendous pain. This is because they are there to cover the broken tooth. 

Remember to have your filling or sealants checked regularly to avoid toothache and other dental issues. The thing with these teeth restoration treatments is that they have a breaking point and will eventually fail. It needs to be treated and replaced.

Dental Emergencies in Indian Trail

If you are experiencing a severe toothache, painful inflamed gums or dislodged/broken tooth due to an accident, take an emergency trip to Nexus Dental in Indian Trail so that we can handle your situation and provide the much-needed support to ease your pain.

Nexus Dental offers emergency and same-day treatments. So, when you find yourself where emergency treatment is needed, call Nexus immediately. We will accommodate you even if you don’t have an appointment to give you treatment as quickly as possible.

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