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Best Practices to Improve Your Oral Health in 2023

Hurray! The new year is already looking promising. The thought of having an opportunity to start certain things afresh or change some old habits is exciting. While you may make resolutions to improve your daily life, have you considered resolutions to improve your oral health?

What’s Your Dental Health New Year’s Resolution?

If you made health and wellness resolutions before the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Day, you were one of two billion people who did. But it isn’t only about making resolutions, it’s about following through with them, too.

Our teeth and gums play a vital role when it comes to our overall health, and it isn’t in our best interest to neglect them. If you’ve experienced a toothache at any point, you’d know that it is one of the most intense pains you’ve ever felt.  

To help make the most of your oral health resolutions, Dr. Harish Patel will share some of the best practices to improve your oral health in 2023 to prevent poor dental hygiene and enhance the appearance of your smile this new year.

4 Ways You Can Improve Dental Health Naturally

To take your natural oral health seriously, here are some best practices to follow:

  • Commit to Daily Brushing and Flossing

Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily is probably one of the most common pieces of advice out there, and for good reason: regularly brushing your teeth is key if you want to remove plaque and prevent tooth decay and gum disease. 

We recommend brushing your teeth properly for at least two to three minutes, using a toothbrush with soft bristles and some fluoride toothpaste. The enamel on your teeth wears off as you age, so it’s important to use toothpaste with fluoride to keep your enamel strong. 

Flossing is another great way to remove plaque and food particles that brushing can’t reach. Make sure that you floss gently so as not to harm your gums!

  • Address Your Less-than-Great Oral Habits

If you’re trying to work toward better oral health in 2023, you’ll want to stay on top and overcome your less-than-great oral habits. It’s not easy to break bad habits, but it’s important that you do your best for the sake of your long-term oral health.  

This includes habits like smoking, chewing tobacco, drinking too many carbonated beverages, neglecting dental pain, and biting your nails. These habits can cause serious damage to your teeth and gums over time. 

Smoking, for example, not only stains your teeth but also increases your risk of developing oral cancer and gum disease. Chewing tobacco can lead to oral cancer and leukoplakia, a precancerous condition. Biting your nails can cause damage to your tooth enamel, and it may also lead to an infection.

Avoiding these less-than-great habits will benefit your efforts to maintain a healthy mouth. 

  • Consume Fewer Sugary and Processed Foods

Refined sugar and processed foods contribute to tooth decay, and the bacteria that live in your mouth thrive on sugar and other carbohydrates, producing acid that erodes tooth enamel. 

Weight gain from a diet high in sugar and processed foods also increases your risk of developing type-2 diabetes. Diabetes ultimately compromises your ability to ward off infections such as gum disease.

Cut back on sugar and prepackaged foods to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

  • Incorporate Mouthwash Into Your Oral Care Routine

Adding mouthwash to your routine is a game-changer when it comes to oral health. It helps you get rid of unwanted bacteria in your mouth, reduce plaque, and freshen your breath. 

We recommend that you use an antiseptic mouthwash to get rid of odor-inducing germs. You should also rinse your mouth after brushing and flossing to get rid of any remaining food particles or plaque.

How to Improve Oral Health at the Dentist

Routine Dental Checkups and Cleaning in Indian Trail, NC.

While the above actions will help keep your oral game on point, you’ll also want to take advantage of your dentist’s services by doing the following: 

Schedule Routine Checkups and Cleanings

It’s possible for you to detect and prevent dental problems before they become serious thanks to routine checkups and cleanings. 

During a dental checkup, your dentist will look for problems like cavities, gum recession, and infections in your mouth and teeth. If necessary, they’ll also take X-rays to look for deeper issues. 

Regular dental cleanings will also help remove plaque and tartar buildup, prevent gum disease, and ultimately maintain your oral health.

Explore Cosmetics and Preventive Dentistry

You may have noticed by now that cosmetic and preventive dentistry have become trendy in the past few years. Sure, it looks cool on people, but it does much more than that. 

Some cosmetic and preventive dentistry you can get from your Indian Trail, NC dentist include:

These dental treatments will make your teeth more visually appealing while preventing tooth decay, gum diseases, and other tooth problems. 

Optimize Your Oral Health in Indian Trail, NC

You can do plenty of things to improve your oral health in the new year. By committing to these methods, you come several steps closer to having healthy teeth and gums. 

Remember that oral health plays an important role in your overall health. Neglecting it can lead to serious health issues in the long run. So, make it a top-of-the-list task this new year.

At Nexus Dental Associates, we are committed to helping you improve your oral health and brighten your beautiful smile. With our latest dental techniques and technologies, you can look forward to top-quality dental treatment and care in Indian Trail, NC. 

Do not hesitate to schedule your oral health appointment in Indian Trail, NC, and let us help you take your first step toward a lifetime of great dental health! 

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