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Benefits of Using 3D Imaging for Dental Treatments in Indian Trail

Cone Beam 3D Dental Imaging in Indian Trail, NC.

Dental treatments all over the world are beginning to level up thanks to the availability of advanced dental technologies. These advancements have allowed dentists to provide diagnostics with even better precision and, thus, improve the oral health and overall health of their patients with less hiccups.

One of the most impactful types of dental technology that dentists all over the world are using is cone beam 3D imaging. Getting a cone beam 3D scan before a dental treatment greatly enhances the long term success of long-term results.

Your Indian Trial dentists, Dr. Harish and Dr. Surabhi, use 3D imaging to provide precise diagnostics and detect oral issues that may not have been discovered with a regular X-ray. They also use it to collect information they need about the structure of each of your teeth, the soft tissues inside your mouth, and the health of your gums and jaw bone.

To help you understand the benefits of using 3D imaging for dental treatments in Indian Trail, NC, we’ve organized everything you need to know about 3D imaging in this blog post. First, let’s begin with defining what 3D dental imaging is.

What Is 3D Dental Imaging?

3D dental imaging is a type of dental technology that uses safe radiation beams to capture multiple digital images of the mouth and the skull at the same time. The captured images are then sent to a computer that compiles and prints the images in a 3D format. 

Unlike traditional X-rays that only create a 2D image of your mouth and use intrusive and unpleasant radiation methods, 3D dental imaging allows your dentist to get a more vivid picture of your teeth and skull. It also helps them diagnose dental issues more accurately so they can provide you with a more effective treatment plan.

Common Uses of 3D Dental Imaging in Indian Trail, NC

The first thing your dentist will do with cone beam 3D dental imaging is scan the bottom half of your face with a cone-beam computed tomography machine. A cone-beam computed tomography machine, or CBCT machine, is the most well-known and technologically sophisticated way to carry out this type of scan. 

The machine scans the mouth by using a series of small radiation beams, each of which generates a digital image. The images are then gathered and assembled into a sequence that can later be transformed into a three-dimensional model.

Dentists use cone beam 3D imaging for the following reasons:

  • Viewing impacted teeth while preparing for surgery
  • Setting the stage for orthodontic treatment
  • Placing dental implants with accuracy
  • Diagnosing temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)
  • Detecting possible cancerous growths
  • Evaluating the nerves, sinuses, nasal cavities, and position of the jaw
  • Gathering information about tooth orientation and bone structure
  • Identifying early signs of gum diseases

Benefits of 3D Dental Imaging for Dental Treatments

Many of the benefits offered by 3D dentistry are exclusive to advanced dentistry and can only happen with the right dental technology. Compared to older dental technologies like conventional dental X-rays and medical CT scans, 3D imaging has a ton of benefits. 

Listed below are some of the benefits offered by 3D dental imaging:

Diagnostic Accuracy

Three-dimensional scanners can detect issues that 2D scanners can’t by distinguishing between various tissue types. 3D CBCT imaging makes it possible for pathologies, infections, joint dysfunctions, and any signs of an aberrant sinus anatomy to be visualized and diagnosed. As a result, patients receive a correct diagnosis the first time and can get the assistance they need much faster than they would with earlier methods.

Better Safety Measures

For 3D CBCT scanners, the size of the primary beam restricts the radiation to just the area of interest. This minimizes the patient’s exposure to radiation.

Non-Intrusive Application

With 3D scanning, you won’t need to bite onto a plastic mold piece and hold it still for the entire scan. A 3D CBCT scan can examine your entire head without you having to move a muscle. Patients with unusually sensitive gums or teeth and young patients benefit the most from this.

Shorter Scan Time

CBCT scans can provide all dental impressions quickly and thoroughly. This drastically reduces the time dentists spend on performing scans. CBCT scans also lower the probability of getting image defects due to patients moving during the procedure.

Lower Cost

Thanks to the availability of 3D dental imaging, the cost of going to an imaging center for dental impressions is now lower than ever. You can save money on dental treatments when you visit your dentist because all of the necessary dental technologies can fit in a single location.

Enhancing dental diagnosis with 3D imaging in Indian Trail, NC.

How We Apply 3D Dentistry in Our Indian Trail Dental Office

Getting cone beam 3D imaging in Indian Trail, NC is simple and doesn’t take much time. The only thing you’ll have to do before the machine is turned on is take off any metal jewelry, dentures or partial dentures, or eyeglasses to help the machine get the best image possible. A minimal amount of radiation is released from the machine, so you never have to worry about radiation exposure.

Nexus Dental Associates takes pride in staying up-to-date with the latest dental technologies. Our top-of-the-line 3D imaging systems can help you with your dental needs faster and more efficiently. Schedule an appointment with us today to get the best from advanced dentistry. 

Feel free to also contact us if you have any concerns about this 3D imaging. We are happy to keep you informed every step of the way.


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