5 Reasons Why Tooth Fillings Are Important for Your Oral Health

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5 Reasons Why Tooth Fillings Are Important for Your Oral Health

5 Reasons Why Tooth Fillings Are Important for Your Oral Health.

Dental experts frequently use dental fillings to address existing tooth decay. Without fillings, the probability of developing further complications is high, and these problems may finally result in tooth loss. If you wish to improve your oral health, you must understand the significance of dental fillings and the reasons behind their use.

If you have holes and cavities in your teeth, there are many important reasons to go for a tooth-filling treatment. Our dentist, Dr. Harish Patel, uses tooth fillings in Indian Trail, NC, to restore a tooth that has been damaged or decayed, helping you preserve the healthy portion of your tooth.

This guide will explain the importance of dental fillings and the various types you can get when you visit our dental practice.

What Is a Tooth Filling?

A tooth filling is a restorative procedure used to fill and seal holes in the teeth, preventing decay from spreading to the other part of your tooth. Dental fillings are made of various materials and can stop decay as early as possible before it deteriorates.  

The types of tooth fillings used depend on your dental care needs and preferences. Dr. Patel, our Indian Trail dentist, ensures that every tooth restoration procedure you get is efficient and customized to your demands. 

4 Types of Dental Fillings We Provide

To give you the best dental care, we provide various dental fillings that fit your budget and enhance your oral health. The major types of tooth fillings we provide include:

1. Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings are made of silver. They are very affordable and durable, such that they can last up to 10 to 15 years and even more after being used to cover the holes in your teeth. However, due to their color, they don’t match the color of your surrounding tooth and are easily noticeable. 

2. Composite Resin Fillings

Composite dental fillings are created from a mixture of fine glass particles and plastic, allowing them to match the color of your teeth easily. Composite fillings are durable for at least five years. However, they cost more than amalgam fillings.

Our dentist in Indian Trail, Dr. Patel, offers composite resin fillings for patients who prefer tooth restoration procedures that match the color of their teeth. This filling may take at least two appointments to be fully completed.

3. Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain tooth fillings are designed in such a way that they perfectly match the color of your teeth. Also, they are more resistant to stains and more durable than composite fillings. Porcelain fillings last for five to seven years and can vary in price from one dentist to another.

4. Gold Fillings

Gold fillings, as the name suggests, are gold-like and tend to cost more than other dental fillings. Some patients prefer the coloring and glistening appearance of gold fillings to amalgam fillings. They are also durable, lasting at least 10 to 15 years. Visit our dental office for any form of tooth-colored fillings in the Indian Trail today.

5 Ways Dental Fillings Can Improve Your Oral Health

Here are five reasons why our dental fillings and restoration procedures in Indian Trail are important:

1. Prevents Tooth Decay

One essential reason why dental fillings are necessary is that they are required to stop tooth decay once they occur. They also help your tooth to stay intact and improve the structural integrity of the tooth. Dental fillings are important tooth restoration treatments because they can also restore the function of your bite and prevent your tooth from breaking or falling out.

2. Reduce Oral Infections

One of the essential implications of using oral fillings is that they help avoid and reduce infections. If you have a damaged or decaying tooth, infections can develop if the bacteria in the mouth reach the tooth pulp. Once your tooth pulp is infected, the infection may spread to other areas of your teeth and body, generally affecting your health.

Your tooth may begin to die and fall out eventually. Also, you would require a root canal treatment should the infection affect your teeth roots. Our dental fillings treatment can help you get rid of decay and cavities especially if you’re looking for affordable dental care to help stop tooth decay and avoid oral infections. 

3. Alleviate Pain and Discomfort in Your Teeth

Porcelain or composite fillings can alleviate pain and discomfort in your tooth by protecting the nerves in the decaying area. Tooth decay often makes your teeth sensitive to cold or hot foods and drinks, but with dental fillings, you can take hot or cold foods and beverages without your teeth developing sensitivity. 

Your dentist may also use a dental sealant to protect your teeth and prevent plaque and decay from occurring in the future. 

4. Enhance the Appearance of Your Smile

Our dental fillings can enhance and help you maintain your smile’s appearance. Porcelain fillings are tooth-colored, just like your surrounding teeth; thus, they are not noticeable when you smile. Their invisibility will allow you to maintain confidence when talking, making presentations, and smiling.

5. Corrects Bad Bite

When your teeth are damaged, it can often cause you to start experiencing a bad bite. Extreme cavities or fractured fillings can change the overall shape of your tooth. Dental fillings are good tooth restoration options to correct bad bites. Your dentist will either use direct or indirect fillings during your appointments.

How Much Do Our Dental Fillings Cost in Indian Trail?

The cost of dental fillings varies from one dentist to another and can also be affected by the size of the cavity and the number of decaying teeth a patient has. However, some dental practices offer various payment plans to make dental fillings affordable. 

At Nexus Dental Associates, we provide affordable dental care in Indian Trail to ensure our patients get the best treatment possible. We accept most insurance coverages and work with various insurance providers to help you maximize your dental needs.

We also provide a variety of membership treatment plans to our patients to ensure they get the best dental care. Visit our dental practice today to begin your journey to good oral health.

Schedule a Tooth Filling Appointment at Nexus Dental Associates

Dental Fillings and Restorations in Indian Trail, NC

Do you have a decayed or damaged tooth, and you’re looking for a dentist who offers dental fillings and restoration treatment in Indian Trail? Look no further. At Nexus Dental Associates, our experienced and caring dental team provides fillings and restoration procedures to help prevent tooth decay and infections from spreading in your mouth.

We have the best dentist in Indian Trail to help you achieve the smile you have dreamed of. Visit our dental practice or schedule an appointment online today to fill the holes in your teeth. Contact us to learn more about the types of fillings we offer and see which is most suitable for your dental needs.

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